Friday On King Of Hearts

Friday On King Of Hearts 

Roshni gets angry on Bansi Maasi and asks how dare she raise hand on you. DD says whatever Bansi Maasi said is true. She says Kunal is your first husband. Nani says you were married at 5 years of age. Roshni says they are talking about child marriage. Sid says Roshni is his wife and says nobody can claim his wife to be theirs. DD says nothing is in my hand. Sid asks Roshni to pack her bag and leave with him. Nani tells DD that if Roshni and Sid don’t stop here then Bansi can’t speak out the truth which is hidden since years. She asks DD to stop her. Roshni and Sid are leaving the house. DD follows them and sits on floor with folded hands. Nani also folds her hand. Sid asks them to tell what is the option left for them. He asks Nani to tell all of the truth and asks what

is this nonsense.
Bansi Maasi says I will tell truth. DD gets tensed. Bansi says you thought you will hide with our eye sight, and says we will get our Roshni anyhow. She says we should tell truth to everyone. She asks Roshni to come near her, and says Nani is her childhood friend. She says your Nani brought you to my village and got you married to my grand son when you were 5 years old. Everyone was happy. She says your mum promised that they will keep you as our amanat and will do vidaai at the right time. She says we agreed, but your Nani and Maa had changed and changed the city, house etc. She says you might be thinking why your mum did this….and is about to tell…Nani asks her not to tell further. Bansi says I have to tell truth. DD stops her and says not now. Bansi says what have you thought that we will not find you. She says you went to jail and that’s how we found you. Roshni and Sid are shocked and annoyed. Bansi holds Roshni’s hand and asks her to come with her.
Raj stops Simran and says he will stay with her always. He brings flowers and asks her to give to Sid and Roshni as they like it. Simran tells Kritika that their Roshni is coming home. Kritika is happy and says she will pamper her brother. Simran asks her to check in the kitchen. Bunty comes and says everything will be fine once Sid comes. Simran says yes.
Bansi tries to make Roshni wear the shagun chunari. Roshni refuses. Sid asks Bansi and her family not to do anything with Roshni else he will go mad and will tell her something which he may repent later. Bansi says Roshni is Kunal’s wife and not yours. Bansi asks Roshni to pick the chunari. Roshni refuses and says she is very stubborn. She raises her hand. Sid asks her not to think them weak and says he is talking with respect. Bansi asks her relatives to take Roshni forcibly. Nani collapses and falls on floor. The men hold Sid. Seeing Nani’s condition, they leave Roshni’s hand. Roshni, DD and Sid take Nani inside the room. Bansi’s son tells her that if Roshni doesn’t come with them with her wish, then Lakshmi will also not come. Bansi says we have to do something. Roshni asks DD and Nani, how can they get her married in her childhood and says you people are so progressive, but you did this. Sid says we will go from here, but I will take care of Nani. Kunal comes and says he can help them. Sid says she is my nani and I can take care of her. Bansi Maasi threatens DD. DD asks her not to hurry up and understand the situation. Mona hears them and thinks there is some big secret between them. 
Kritika is busy with the decoration arrangements. Bunty asks her not to work in this condition. Kritika gets angry. Simran and Raj are happy as Sid and Roshni are coming. Roshni tells Sid that she forgot her mangasultra inside. Sid says we shall go from here and I will buy you a new mangalsutra. Roshni says she wants her mangalsutra only. Sid goes inside to bring. Bansi’s son tells that Roshni doesn’t want to come with them and says if she doesn’t come with her wish then Lakshmi will not come. Bansi looks on. Mona and Kesar asks Nani why DD is scared with Bansi. Nani thinks there is a big secret which will shattered the family. She comes to Bansi and says she can’t think that her friend would do such a thing, would stab on her back. Bansi says these words don’t suit you and says you have kept my daughter-in-law since many years. I thought you will return our daughter-in-law, but you got her married. She says my childhood friend has betrayed me. I will not leave you both and will settle scores with you both. Sid comes inside the house and takes Roshni’s mangalsutra. He thinks he understands Roshni’s fear and promises that nobody can snatch her Sid from her. He gets Raj’s call informing him that Simran made so many dishes for them. Sid asks him to relax and says he is busy. Simran says they were thinking to send them on a honeymoon. Sid says so much is going on here and says he will call her later. Simran and Raj are happy and hug each other. Simran asks him to taste kheer made by her.
DD gives a blank cheque to Bansi and asks her not to interfere in Roshni’s life. Nani asks her the same thing. Bansi tears the cheque and throws at them. Sid wonders where is everyone. Bansi says you are showing me money. I don’t want this Lakshmi, but my Lakshmi. She says I will take my daughter-in-law with me. DD asks her to see Nani’s condition and understand. Kunal comes to Roshni and asks him to come to his village. Roshni says even my sandal has rejected you, just look at your face. Kunal says he knows his grand mum and she will take her to their village. He asks her to agree, and says I can see that you and your husband are very much close. Roshni asks him to take back his villager family back to his village. Kunal says we were childhood friends and that’s why I came here to explain to you. He says it was my duty to make you understand and please don’t blame me. Roshni thinks she can see fear in Kunal’s eyes. She says we won’t stay here. I will take Sid far from here. DD asks Bansi to give her sometime to convince Roshni. Bansi gives her a day’s time and tells that if she couldn’t convince Roshni then she will tell the truth to Roshni. She says Roshni will be shattered then. Sid hears them and thinks DD is a very strong minded woman, and is standing helpless in front of Bansi. He thinks to find out about the secret and thinks he can’t leave his family in this toughest time. He thinks I can’t leave Nani and DD here and thinks how to convince Roshni. Roshni thinks why haven’t he come till now? She comes inside and asks did you find my mangalsutra? Sid says we are not going anywhere? Roshni asks have you been brainwashed. She calls DD and asks what she said to him. DD says she didn’t say anything and says if Sid doesn’t know then it is good. Roshni blames DD and says you can’t see me happy. Sid says it is my decision not to leave this house. Roshni says fine, I will leave from the house. Sid says you will not go anywhere. Bansi says they are very close to each other and says she will stop them. Her son says not now. Roshni says she will wait for him in the room and they will go together. DD thanks Sid.
Roshni gets Kunj’s call and he reminds her that today is Twinkle’s birthday party and Christmas party. Roshni says they are in a big trouble and tells everything. Kunj says what nonsense, who believes in this child marriage in this age. He asks her to come with Sid and says they will find a solution. Roshni thinks Sid has taken all decision right till now, but she is not liking his new plan. She says I will make a plan this time. DD tells Sid that it is good that you both stopped here. She promises to sort out the matter as soon as possible and thanks him. Sid says you don’t need to thank me, and says your son will always be with you. I know you will sort this out soon, asks her not to cry as it doesn’t suit her. He says he will talk to Roshni and will make her agree. DD cries and thinks I wish I could have told you this secret. She says if I tell this secret then everything will be ruined. 
Bunty comes to Kritika. She says their family will be complete now. Bunty thinks Kritika is talking about their baby and says he can’t wait for that day. He says I will do all the work. Kritika says even I want this. Bunty says I will do all the work. Kritika says why will you do this. Bunty says even I should do. Kritika asks him to see doctor first. Bunty thinks why she got angry.
Sid comes to talk to Roshni. He asks why she is looking angry. Roshni says she is fine and in a very good mood. Sid says you are sitting like a Santaclaus wearing the cap. Roshni says I am done doing the same things again and again. I can’t be that predictable. She says it is Christmas night and says I am all yours baby……Sid hugs her and says she is talking maturely. Roshni says she made juice for him. She makes him drink. Sid drinks it and feels dizziness. Roshni says I will take care. Sid says if there was something mixed in it, and asks where she wants to take him. Roshni says Amritsar……Sid gains consciousness while they are in car. Roshni informs him that they are going to Amritsar for Twinkle’s birthday party. Sid asks did you inform at home? Roshni says she has managed everything. Sid asks why did you do this? Roshni thinks I am sorry Sid by spiking your drink. Roshni and Sid come to Twinkle’s birthday party and wishes her happy birthday. Sid and Roshni give her bouquet. Sid says you are cutting cake without us. Kunj thanks Roshni for coming. Roshni says lets cut the cake. Twinkle cuts the cake and makes Kunj take the first cake bite. Roshni and Sid tease them.
Bansi Maasi rings the bell to call everyone for Aarti. She calls Roshni. DD comes and asks what happened? Bansi says where is Roshni? DD says I will check her. She comes in Roshni’s room and says she is sleeping. Bansi asks her to wake up and pulls the blanket to find pillows. Bansi looks angrily at DD and asks where is Roshni and Sid. He calls Premal and tells him that Roshni and Sid are not here. Premal says where did they go? DD says they might be here, and says she will check. Bansi asks them to check almari. Premal says there is nothing in the almari. DD gets shocked and tensed. Bansi Maasi says Roshni has eloped, now you will not be spared. DD gets shocked. Mona and Kesar are shocked too. Twinkle gives Ganesha idol to Roshni and asks her not to worry, and have faith on God. Roshni thanks her and says she trusts Sid a lot. He will solve all the problems.
Raj calls the lawyer and asks him to solve the matter soon. Simran says don’t know when will this problems be solved. Raj says we should send those people to jail. Simran says why is DD not saying anything being an intelligent woman. Raj says why Sid is staying there. He shall come and stay with us. Simran cries and says if anything happens to Sid then she can’t forgive herself. Raj asks her not to worry.
Bansi Maasi holds DD’s ears and pushes her. She says till now there is no news from your Roshni. She asks her to tell? Kesar asks what are you doing? Premal takes Kesar. Bansi shows the newspaper and asks if she can identify it. She says just one phone call, I will tell everything to them. She says you don’t know where is Roshni? I will enquire with my way. DD says I really don’t know where she is and will find her. Nani comes. Bansi Maasi gives her morning time and asks her to think and do. DD calls Sid and asks where is he? Sid says Roshni must have told you. DD says Roshni didn’t say anything and asks them to return home before morning. Sid says there is just 5 hours left for morning, and agrees. Roshni tells Sid, why are they giving importance to Bansi and family. She says she trust him. Sid asks her to come with him. Bansi waits for Roshni and Sid to return. She says if your daughter and that Sid don’t return then your big secret will come out in open. Nani says they will come as Sid said, and asks her to wait. Bansi says I am waiting since 18 years and says you have eloped and now asking me to wait. She says time has come to know DD and her mum’s truth.


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