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​Tuesday On King Of Hearts 

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Sid follow Roshni and tells her the NGO kids have won and everyone is taking their interviews and have been praising them. They were asking about her and wanting to take her interview. He asks if he can tell them? Roshni asks him to take off the baby poster from the wall. Sid gets sad. Hazar Khawaishein song plays in the background as Sid takes the baby poster off from the wall. DD is sad and takes the toys she had bought for Roshni’s baby to throw it away but Naani stops her. Naani tells her daughter that she is a fighter and says Roshni is young that if not today, she would certainly give birth to a child in the future. DD replies to Naani that it is not possible as the doctor had said that Roshni can never become a mother again as she might not become pregnant again, or may take long to get pregnant. Naani is shocked. DD says she is feeling bad for Roshni as she couldn’t bear this news. Bua Daadi hears this and gets shocked. She shares the news with Raj, Simran and Beeji. Beeji asks what is this nonsense? Bua Daadi asks them to find someone new for Sid and that this is a good chance to start searching for a girl. She declared that she didn’t like Roshni from the beginning and they have to think about the future.
Raj asks how can she think like this? Bua Daadi says she heard DD saying that Roshni can’t get pregnant again. She asks what will happen to their family, who will take their name forward. Sid overhears this conversation and is shocked. He picks up a knife scaring Bua Daadi and cuts his hand. Everyone get tensed. Simran asks what is he doing and asks if he have gone mad? Sid says he is fine and asks what was she talking? He says this is not possible as there is Roshni’s name written in his blood and he can sacrifice his life but not his life partner. He says if she continue this nonsense then he will forget their relation and will do something which will not be good for her and tells that death is the only thing that would separate him from Roshni. He comes out of the room and sees Roshni standing. They all get shocked.
Sid asks Roshni to hear him. Everyone goes to Roshni and asks her to open the door. DD comes and asks Sid, if he say anything to her. Naani Maasi understands that Bua Daadi has done something. She says they have said something to Roshni and warns to file police complaint. Sid asks her to focus on Roshni as she has locked herself in the room. Roshni cries and tells Sid to marry someone as she can’t be a mother and will not be able to give her happiness and asks him to agree to Bua Daadi sayings. Everyone is shocked. Sid says they have promised each other to support each other in happiness, sorrows and troubles and they will fight together and asks her to open the door.
Aisha says she is hurt. Roshni hears her and comes out of her room. Aisha asks her not to cry, else she will wipe her tears and her tears will go being afraid. Roshni kisses Aisha and cries. Later Aisha and Roshni play in the water. Aisha tells her a man doesn’t feel pain. Sid thinks he know what to do to make Roshni smile.
DD and everyone are sitting at the breakfast table. Beeji asks Roshni to have cholas made by her. Roshni asks Bua Daadi to make her have food with her hands. Bua Daadi acts to get emotional and asks her to eat Gujarati dal. Roshni eats the food. Sid comes and say he came to talk to everyone. DD thinks did he bring new troubles? Sid apologizes to Roshni for not talking to her before taking this decision. He says he chose to speak in front of everyone. Roshni looks on.
Sid confronts both his and Roshni’s family as he has brought Aisha along. He tells Roshni that they can give good life to a girl and give her parents’ love. He asks her that after what they have gone through and after losing their unborn child, will she accept to adopt Aisha and have a new beginning in their lives. name shocking everyone. Hearing this, both the families are shocked. Sid asks Roshni to think and says Aisha is the one who can fill the empty place in their life and vice versa. She can bring happiness in their life and they can bring happiness in her life. He says he want everyone’s opinion especially his mom in-law. DD asks if he has lost it? She further asks if he have gone mad and how can he do this? Simran says his intention is good, but how can he take it suddenly. One incident don’t change life. She says Roshni needs time to think. Sid says she said right that a big incident happened in their life, but life goes on. They have to win and they can’t lose it. He says there is a huge difference between hers and his thinking. He don’t know if Roshni would be able to conceive in future or not but they can become parents now and he saw Roshni happy with Aisha and there is a life ahead for Aisha. They come across so many children on the street, and don’t have time to think about them. Today God has given them a chance to give a better life to a child, then why not, they should grab this chance. They all should agree with his opinion. Raj approves Sid’s decision and tells DD that Roshni likes Aisha. Bua Daadi says they didn’t know about her parents nor her blood.
Beeji asks her to stop it. Naani Maasi tells DD that her son in-law is 8th wonder of the world, they should exhibit him. She says Sid is favoring the girl who is responsible for all this. Sid says If he is 8th wonder then you people are 9th and 10th wonder. If she bite anyone then that person will die because of venom inside her. He says she have grown old but don’t have any maturity or understanding etc. He says he is disappointed in her. This decision will be taken by Roshni and him. Life has given him two options, to cry all life, or to start new life with Roshni. He don’t care about other’s thinking and cares for Roshni’s perception. He asks her to tell him what she wants? He says they know that what she means to them now and that Aisha brings smile at their faces and give peace to them. He forces her to say yes. Roshni thinks about her moments with Aisha and declares that she cannot do this and goes to her room crying.
Later, Bua Daadi says their coin is useless and expresses her anger claiming as to how Sid expresses his anger claiming as to how Sid could adopt a child. Kritika then speaks up saying she too is an adopted child and she receives the same love from her family and that a child don’t have choice to choose their parents. She says her blood is not bad, but her upbringing was wrong and she don’t agree with her. Bua Daadi taunts her and says she used to roam on the streets like an orphan but now became a maharani. Raj says he is proud of his daughter as she has accepted her mistake. DD tells Naani that Sid wants to become great and that’s why he is giving this idea. Raj says they can take their own decision. It doesn’t mean that they will not have their own kids. DD asks if Roshni have her own kids, then will she be able to give same love to Aisha.
Sid comes to Roshni. Roshni cries and tells him she can’t do this. Sid shares his thoughts with Roshni and her relationship with Aisha that he have seen in her eyes. Roshni says she can’t take care of Aisha as she couldn’t take care of her own child. Sid says she can’t blame herself as circumstances is responsible. Roshni says that baby was inside her, and was her responsibility. He has gone and left us. She cries. She says if they take Aisha’s responsibility and if she leave them then she will not be able to take it. She deserves a parents who could take care of her well and she couldn’t take care of her. Naani Maasi smiles and goes to DD. Roshni cries and hugs Sid.


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