“Our parents are busy with Business while our kidS Are Lavishing”

The recent happenings in the society  among kids are nothing good to write home about, our future(children) are not been well taken care of. The parents  have failed to do their works,  our kids are been molested, rapped,spoilt,depressed and harassed sexually by the opposite sex of their age and above. 

Kids don’t obey the word of God, because they barely know what obeying God  implies, it is the duty of parents to relate the Bible to their kids,  draw them close to God, preach the word of God  to them,  but our parents are very busy with Business that they don’t observe this. 

Kids of nowadays are now been found doing all sort of sexual immoralities like lesbianism, homosexuality,masturbation e.t.c, and if we look at this critically you will find out that most of these kids their parents don’t advice them and they don’t spend quality time with them. 

Parents have failed to play their roles, forgetting that these kids are our future so if they are not well trained and brought up then the future would be ruined.

In this new era, you will be seeing kid from 6-10 years having sex at the balcony if their houses, parents shouldn’t harbour lack of sex enlightenment in their child. Kids should be taught very well about sexual immoralities and their repercussions. 

Most parents always leave their kids alone in the house for one business trip to another,  making them vulnerable to any kind if internal or external sexual molestation or harassment. 

Also parents times watch pornographic films in the site of their kids, please stop this parents, you are destroying our future generations.The Fruitfulness of the future lyes on those ones, so it they are ruined, the future will be shattered.

Parents are supposed to give more attention to their kids,  observe when there is changes in the persons character, fish out the problems and solve it,  but now reverse is the case. 

Our kids are wasting and this can be minimixed if our parents bring out time and tutor the young ones, teach then more about the repercussions of involving in sexual immoralities, set good examples for them to emulate from,preach the word of God to them and pray for them.

 So that the future will be bright.

Written by paragon



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