Thursday on Young Dreams||Zee World 

​Thursday On Young Dreams 

Gunjan left the home and is in market. She thinks to message Rachna in order to tell her that she is okay. But cell battery is empty so she puts to charge it in one shop. She goes to drink water But one stranger picks cell up and runs away. Gunjan follows him but fails to catch him.

Rachna is sad. Charu and sangeeta comes to her and informs her with happiness that Gunjan has left home. Rachna is shocked. Charu justifies it. Sangeeta tells charu that when they were advising, no one heard them. Rachana replies that when she stumbled on, she realized her mistake. Charu tells her sooner is better. Charu again starts to slander shail for her support given to Gunjan.

Gunjan fails to catch cell thief. Another stranger comes near her and she asks him about economical and good hotel to stay. He carries her to hotel. She asks the receptionist about room, but she gets rejected because of lack of enough money.
Shail is praying to god about Gunjan and crying. Rachna comes to her and scolds her for worrying about Gunjan more than her. Rachna blames Shail that Shail loves Gunjan more than her. Shail request her to stop and says not to discourage her.
Strangers cover Gunjan but suddenly Rajeev reaches there and protects and carries her from there. Charu is sharing with her mother about happiness for Gunjan is missing. When she dances Mayank arrives there and sees her. Charu again starts to slander Gunjan, but Mayank opposes her and worries for her missing.
Rajeev tries to stop Gunjan and asks her about her arrival to that hotel. Gunjan denies but Rajeev does not loose courage and gets success to know that vihan is behind all these and instructs her to listen him.
Mayank arrives at Agarwal house to ask vihan about Gunjan. But vihan avoids him and teases him saying Gunjan left him for vihan. But Mayank threatens to expose him. Vihan overhears him and gets him out. Vihan receives Rajeev’s call and agrees to meet him in college.

Rachna seeing mehendi and starts crying. Shail brings lunch for her but Rachna blames Gunjan again. Shail tries to console her but she denies her. Rachna challenges Shail to chose anyone between her, Rachna and Gunjan.
Rachna forces Shail to choose between her and Gunjan. But Shail keeps mum . So Rachna gets that Shail would choose Gunjan always, Rachna is nothing for her and runs away from room. Dayal sees her and tells Shail to take care of Rachna and informs that he has not got information about Gunjan.
Gunjan is at Rajeev’s home. Rajeev bring breakfast and ask her if she had dinner or not. Gunjan denies so Rajeev advises her to take medicine after eating. Gunjan says that she will eat tea-buiscuit. Rajeev asks her for the reason of leaving home. Gunjan keeps mum but Rajeev says that he is waiting for answer. Gunjan says that it is her personal matter. Rajeev says that she must have to clarify all matter as she is independent and intelligent. Gunjan thinks that she can not imagine that Rajeev is vihan’s brother. Rajeev says that she is thinking about difference between two brothers. She avoids and replies that she is tired and stressed. Rajeev asks her how he could help her. Gunjan wants to shift in hotel and needs nice hotel for that. Rajeev agrees that she is adult and has right to take decision for her own life. He asks that whether she loves vihan or not. She advises him to ask the question to vihan. Rajeev tells that he got the same answer what he did on engagement day. Gunjan supports vihan’s answer. Rajeev is not ready to believe that. He reminds her that she is independent and brave girl who got cultural gundas out from college. He again tells that he knows very well that she loves Rachna too much and forces Gunjan for the injustice she suffered and advises her to prove herself innocent. Rajeev gets call and goes to college. Vihan meets Rajeev in hockey ground. Rajeev informs vihan that Gunjan is missing. He instructs vihan to find Gunjan.
Gunjan is sleeping at Rajeev’s home, Mayank arrives there and she wakes up. Maynak is forcing her to return to her home but she denies and Rajeev comes there and consoles Mayank and advises him to leave her alone for some time. Charu calls Maynak but he does not want to talk with her so she becomes angry and insults Seema who brought jalabi for her. Charu threatens Seema to explain to Mayank to accept her as wife.
Vihan tells Rohit to find Gunjan but Rohit forces him as she is his fiancé according to Rajeev. Vihan suspects how Rajeev knew that Gunjan is missing but Rohit advises him to think about it later and find Gunjan.
Gunjan is about to leave Rajeev’s home, Rajeev comes back and stops her. Gunjan complains to Rajeev about why he informed Mayank about her. Rajeev clarifies that his intention was not to hurt her. He called Maynak because she was upset. And promises that he will not do it again. She agrees and stays there. Rajeev sings song and plays guitar to make her cheer up. Ask for lunch but she denies. Rajeev make her agree that she will not go anywhere until she is healthy. He thinks that about that MAJBURI for which she lost all courage.
Vihan is trying to find Gunjan but doesn’t get success. Rajeev in his kitchen tries to make soup but his hand scalded on burn. Gunjan helps pouring water on his hand and helps him to make soup. But again Rajeev asks her about the reason.
Mayank informs Shail about Gunjan. She gets ready to bring Gunjan back but Rachna stops her and taunts her about Gunjan. Seema supports Rachna and scolds Shail not to involve Mayank in that matter.
Gunjan asks Rajeev  why he is again and again asking what she wants to forget. She tells him that he has no idea about what she had suffered and she knows that this situation would also pass. Rajeev agrees with her but argues that still memories remain and they change one’s life. He says that he could understand her situation. He praises that girls easily adjust with any type of situation.

Rajeev calls vihan to meet. Vihan arrives Rajeev’s home. Rajeev asks him about Gunjan’s news. Vihan excuses that he got news about her and stayed at her friend’s home. Rajeev insists to meet Gunjan. But vihan denies. Rajeev carries him inside home and vihan is surprised to see Gunjan there. He again tries to excuse but Rajeev ask him not to lie. Vihan make Gunjan to say that he is not liar.

Suddenly Shail arrives there and tells Gunjan to solve matters at home only. As Gunjan is her responsibility and takes her away from there and thanks Rajeev for giving shelter to Gunjan.


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