Thursday On King of Hearts||Zee  world 

​Thursday On King Of Hearts 

Roshni and Aisha are seen by 3 gang members. The goon calls their boss and it is also revealed that the boss of the kidnappers does not agree to pay them as they have not done their  work properly. The goon is shocked to know that the boss refuses to give them money for Roshni’s kidnapping. The boss further tells that he needs only the girl and refuses to pay for kidnapping Roshni. The goon tells the lady goon that they have to get the money from Roshni, as the boss refused to pay them money. Roshni sees Aisha having fever and knocks on the door. She pleads to the kidnappers to get medicines for Aisha as she fewer. The lady goon asks her to do the work on exchange for Aisha’s treatment. Roshni refuses to do so. DD gets hysterical and panics. Sid asks her to have medicines and makes her have it forcibly. He tells her that he loves her daughter very much and can’t live without her. He promises that nothing will happen to Roshni in his presence and says bad time will bend knees infront of their love. He promises to bring Roshni back at home in 24 hours, and says even God will not have an option and will feel as a husband. He asks Naani to take DD mom inside. Sid gets teary eyed. Simran asks him to look in her eyes and asks him not to blame himself. She says nothing will happen to Aisha and Roshni, and they will come back home and she know her son will bring his Roshni home. Sid says he will bring Roshni.
Sid talks to the Inspector and asks if they find anything. The Inspector tells him that his team is still searching Mohammed Ali Road area. Sid says he is sure that they are there. Raj talks to someone and asks to find out about the car’s number. DD calls the Inspector and asks him to find her daughter fast. Sid’s employee comes home and gives a CD to Sid saying someone left it in his cabin with a message to see it now itself. They see the video and are shocked to learns from a CD that Roshni and Aisha’s kidnappers are demanding for money when he see Roshni telling that they are kidnapped and the kidnappers are asking for 10 crores ransom amount and if they refuse then the kidnappers will kill them. DD asks Kesar to get 10 crores Rupees from bank account. Sid asks what she is doing, they can’t trust these kidnappers. DD asks him to stay out of it and that she will give them money. Sid tries to stop her but in vain. Beeji, Naani and Simran get tensed.
Sid comes to the Police station and shows them the video. They see a calendar hanging on the wall with the address of the road. Sid says Mohammed Ali Road…..He says his wife is pregnant and asks the Inspector to help him get back his wife. Roshni takes care of Aisha. She hears Azaan coming from masjid. Sid along with the Police come to the Dargah and asks to give information about the person having that calender. Roshni pleads in front of the goons to get Aisha treated. The lady goon checks and says that Aisha is having fever. The goon asks her to call the doctor. Just then they hear Police knocking on the door and tensed. Roshni tries to shout but the goon keeps hand on her mouth stopping her. Sid asks the Inspector to break the door. They open the door and see a burqa clad woman but the cunning kidnappers do not give Sid a single clue about Roshni’s presence in their house. The woman opens the door and tells that her husband don’t permit her to open door for stranger men. Sid tells her that he is searching for his pregnant wife and a girl. The lady refuses to see Roshni or the girl. Roshni tries to shout and drops something. The Inspector asks who is there. The goon acts as an old man and calls the lady. The lady tries to close the door but Sid stops her.
Sid and the Police leave from the house. The goon threatens Roshni that it seems her family don’t care about her. He says he will show them what he can do. He pushes Roshni and she falls on the bed. Jigna tells Kesar that she will go to Rajkot as her life is in danger here. Kesar asks her to meet everyone before going. Kesar informs DD that they are short of some money and they decide to do something. She gets a courier from someone on the name of DD Patel. Yash tells that he will talk to the courier company about the person who has sent this courier. DD opens the box and finds a bunch of hairs in it. DD feels drowsy. Yash reads the kidnapper’s message that this time they have cut her hairs but next time they will cut her head. Simran and Beeji cries. DD says Sid has promised her that he will bring Roshni in 24 hours but he has failed again. She says she won’t leave him. Naani prays for Roshni’s safety.
The lady goon calls Hakim and he checks Aisha’s temperature. He says the girl is having high fever and asks to take her to the hospital. The lady goon tells that the girl is her sister’s child. Hakim Saheb says he never saw anyone coming here. Roshni tries to make sound and something falls down. The lady goon asks the goon to check for the big rat. He goes and threatens Roshni. Hakim Saheb prescribes the medicines and leaves.
Sid comes home. DD asks him why didn’t he bring her daughter? She reminds him of his promise and that she never bend in front of anyone. She sits on her knees and begs him to search her Roshni. Sid asks her not to do this. Naani asks DD not to give tension to Sid. Simran asks Sid to give money to the kidnappers and bring Roshni back. She goes to talk to Raj. Sid feels helpless and angry. He talks to Yash and tells him that he went to Mohammed Ali Dargah. He shares his plan with him. Yash asks if he is sure to do this without the Police help. Sid says he don’t have any option. Later, the lady goon ask Roshni and Aisha to have food as they need to be alive till they get the money. Roshni hits her head, disguised herself in burqa and manages to escape the location along with Aisha. Sid on the other hand, reaches the Dargah in a disguises of Sheikh’s attire with moustache and Pathani clothes. Yash reminds Sid that they have time till tomorrow, else DD and Raj have to pay to the kidnappers and wishes him best. Sid thanks him and goes. Yash prays to God to keep Sid’s faith intact and make him meet Roshni. A Qawwali plays Aaya Tere Darpar Deewana……….Roshni and Aisha wear the burqa and elope from the place. The goon see the lady on the floor and goes to catch Roshni. Roshni and Aisha reach the dargah while the Qawwali is still playing. Aisha notices Sid and shows to Roshni. Roshni spots Sid after walking for sometime and calls his name out. Roshni’s voice does not reach Sid but feels her present.
Before Sid could spot her, Roshni is again abducted by the thugs and they take her away to the place where she had ran from. Roshni hope Sid comes there and saves them. Sid then seek help from Moin Bhai’s house ( one of the senior citizen in the location ) with Hakim Saheb. Hakim Saheb says he will take him. He says people are strange. Sid asks what? He says nothing. He helps Sid in reaching the address that he is seeking for, he stumbles and Sid holds him. DD asks where Sid is? Yash says didn’t he talk to her. DD blames Sid for bringing Aisha home and calls her blood. Beeji says she shouldn’t say anything to the innocent girl’s blood and the children are God’s gift. The kidnappers then calls DD up and asks her to get the money and bring the money at 6pm to free her daughter else he will send Roshni head to her.


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