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​Friday On Young Dreams 

Shail tells vihan that even though ring ceremony is done they have not accepted it. Shail brings Gunjan at Garg house where Sangeeta and Seema are poisoning Rachna against Gunjan. Buaji also scolds Shail about her step to bring Gunjan back. Shail orders Gunjan to go to the upper floor. Mayank sees Gunjan and becomes happy to see her. Shail asks Sangeeta about her statement, Seema supports Sangeeta but Mayank scolds Seema. Buaji Sangeeta and Seema opposes to let Gunjan stay at Garg house. Shail argues that she understands Rachna’s pain very well. Mayank asks all about proof for Gunjan to be guilty. Seema fingers out Gunjan’s character, but maynak shouts on her.
Rachna stops Seema and tells that Gunjan can’t do more bad than snatching Vihaan. Rachna requests her not to quarrel as she is okay. Gunjan overhears all this in her room. Rachna arrives there and sees Gunjan and becomes lost in good memories. Gunjan goes on terrace lost in old memories with Rachna. Rachna also remembers those memories. Gunjan arrives in room and takes blanket and pillow away.
Charu argues Mayank about Gunjan’s return. Gunjan comes in hall and sleeps on sofa. Mayank sees her sleeping and covers blanket to her.
Rachna is worried about the college as everyone would ask her about her engagement. Sangeeta suggests her not to go college, as it would be difficult for her to face all. Shail when giving aarti, Rachna says she will be going to college as she had not done any of the mistake so why will she fear. Chaya comes to take Rachna, when they proceeded for college they see Vihaan is on gate asking for Gunjan, he was making Rachna jealous. But Chaya continues and says they should live. All the ladies of the family see Vihaan standing out of the gate, buaji scolds him but Vihaan ignores everything and asks her to call Gunjan. Gunjan comes and Vihaan asks her to sit on his bike, Gunjan declines but Vihaan reminds her of one week issue and Gunjan gets ready. Sangeeta taunts her that if any other girl in the place of Gunjan would not have got ready for college, but Gunjan is doing that.
Chaaya and Rachna enters in college and some girls surround them asking her about the engagement but Chaaya changes the topic. Meanwhile the newly engaged couple are on bike and everyone is shocked to see them together and asks Rachna. Rachna goes away. Everyone asks Chaaya about what has happened. Chaaya tells everyone than Vihaan is engaged to Gunjan not Rachna.
At home, Chaaru makes issue of Gunjan living in their house. Mayank tells whole family clearly that he don’t care for their marriage as it was all done forcefully. He cares for Gunjan and will always support her. Chaaru got angry and scolds Seema. Sangeeta makes an issue at house that she is not taking any decision regarding Gunjan. Whole family had lot of debate at house.
One of Rachna’s friend asks Rachna why she hasn’t stayed away from Gunjan as she is from a big city, and could affect her in any way and she had done it. Chaaya says to close the topic. Vihaan comes holding Gunjan’s hand and announces that he is giving treat to everyone, in the canteen. For making Rachna jealous, he asks Gunjan to hug him. Rachna can’t tolerate it so she goes from there. Gunjan denies after making a reason, that she is an Indian girl and she has shame in doing that. Afterwards, Vihaan debates with Gunjan about why she did not hug him as he can do anything, and Gunjan asks him not to cross the limits as she don’t have any patience and added that she is doing all this because of Rachna.
Dholu bring some papers to Mayank to make paper plane, Mayank got that letter in those papers, written by Vihaan’s friend and he reads that and gets shocked. Mayank asks Dholu from where he had brought the papers, he replies that he had brought them from Rachna’s room.
Dayal talks to Shail about chasing Gunjan out of the house after what Seema and Sangeetha told him that Gunjan rode with Vihaan on the bike to college. He tells Shail no one is benefiting from her sacrifice. He says they all are tired of having to bother about her responsibility of taking care of Gunjan and want to be free from it. He tells her to call Akash and send Gunjan to him. The drama happening everyday at home is ruining the atmosphere at home. Shail says she understands what he says and that she should be sent but she feels there’s another reason to it. Dayal doesn’t seem to believe her but Shail insists saying that Gunjan never hid anything from them when she loved Mayank then now why would she do it with Vihaan and she was happily and eagerly getting Rachana ready. She says she can’t believe Vihaan and Gunjan together suddenly. Shail says there must be a reason behind this and Dayal says the reason is Shail being blinded by the love for Gunjan and that the family is suffering the consequences for it and he walks out. At college Gunjan is sitting on a bench alone and Rajeev comes and asks her why is she doing this why is she following whatever Vihaan says. Gunjan replies because he is her fiancee. Rajeev says she’s not the girl he knew. She tells him not to get involved that he may be Vihaan’s brother but to her he is her teacher and should stay that way and that it’s her personal matter and walks away. Gunjan is walking and bumps into Mayank. She is shocked to see him and he tells her he has to talk to her and pulls her away. Gunjan asks what the matter is and doesn’t want to listen. Mayank shows her the letter and she asks what is it and he tells her it’s the letter for her and she says whose letter and reads it for her.
Gunjan says she knows nothing about it but Mayank says he does and he wants her to hear the truth from the person who wrote the letter and he calls Rohit. Gunjan is shocked to see Rohit and Mayank says it’s good that she recognizes him and that she’ll know that Rohit is Vihaan’s good friend and that Rohit wrote the letter on the engagement day. Mayank says it was a pity she did not get it. Mayank says she got trapped by Vihaan’s plan. Gunjan says what is all this and that it’s nonsense. Rohit tells Gunjan why is she torturing herself and that its the time to reveal the truth. Gunjan says what truth and the truth is what everyone saw that day and tells Mayank not to believe Rohit and tells him not to get involved. Mayank says he’ll show the letter to Shail and tell everyone the truth. Vihaan with his friends is flirting with girls walking. His friends tells that he’s engaged and he says he forgets that he is. He asks them where is Gunjan and asks if she’s run away and laughs. He then says he’ll go find her.
Mayank says he’ll tell everyone the truth and Gunjan pleads him not to tell. Gunjan says Rachna loves Vihaan like no one else can. She tells him not to tell or Vihaan will never be Rachna’s and her life will be miserable. Gunjan says she does not want to ruin his sister’s life. Mayank tells her to tell the truth and she tells how Vihaan blackmailed her on the day of the engagement. Gunjan holds Mayank’s hand and tells him not to tell anyone. Mayank thanks Rohit for supporting the truth. Mayank says he was right that Gunjan would never do something like this and tells her its enough not to hurt herself anymore in Vihaan’s plan. Mayank says he can’t stand people saying bad things about Gunjan. Gunjan says its only for a week and Vihaan will take back Rachana and she can do anything for Rachana’s happiness. Rohit spots Vihaan and tells them. Gunjan says if Vihaan sees them together it’ll be trouble. Rohit says he’ll hide. Gunjan pulls Mayank. Mayank sees Vihaan and is boiling with anger. Gunjan makes him promise not to confront Vihaan and tells him to control himself. Vihaan comes and rubs it in and tells he should have married Gunjan.
Vihaan asks Mayank what is he doing at college and Mayank says he came to pick Rachna up and Vihaan says he’s a good brother. Vihaan says he’ll drop Gunjan. He tells Gunjan to sit on the bike. Vihaan tells Gunjan to hold him tightly as they have already got engaged. Mayank and Rachna watch looking angry. Charu calls Mayank and asks him where he is and Mayank angrily tells her he’s at college and if she has a problem. Charu is angry. Rachna asks Mayank why he’s at college and he says he had some work and tells them come to go home. Charu is angry that Mayank is meeting Gunjan at college even outside home. She says she’ll torture everyone else until Mayank gives her rights of a wife.
Seema is lamenting away and Charu comes and asks why is she crying. She says her back is aching and it happens when the weather is cold and asks if she’ll put some balm for her. She notices Charu’s ring on her finger. Charu sees her eyeing it. Seema tells Charu its a nice ring and Charu tells her its real diamond and made in Hong Kong. She gives it to Seema putting it on her finger. Seema is so happy. Charu then says that she’ll take the balm as her body has been hurting as there’s no water in their bathroom. Seema tells her to ask someone to fetch water for her. Charu says there’s no one around and Seema volunteers to do it. Seema fills two buckets of water and carries it to Charu’s room adn empties them and goes to fill it again. Charu takes some oil and spills it on the floor so that Seema will slip.


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