Tuesday on King of Hearts ||Zee World 

​Tuesday On King Of Hearts 

The goon covers Ayesha’s mouth with his hand and keeps knife on Roshni’s neck. Just then someone knocks on the door, Roshni wakes up and sees Ayesha scared. She asks if she has seen any dream. She opens the door and finds Kesar and DD standing. DD asks why there is no electricity here and asks her to bring her stuff. Roshni tells DD that she will return home if she allows Ayesha to come with her. DD allows Ayesha to come with Roshni for a night. Ayesha tells Roshni that there is ghost there. Roshni tells her that ghost don’t exist. They leave.
Sid comes and wakes up Roshni in the morning. He says I missed you. Roshni looks for Ayesha. They call for Ayesha. DD asks what is happening? Raj says she was with you. Simran also says the same. Roshni says don’t know where she went? DD asks her to think about herself as she is pregnant. DD asks them to think about Roshni, and take care of her breakfast. Nani Maasi asks Roshni not to panic. Sid says she must have hidden somewhere . DD goes to kitchen and sees Ayesha eating fruit and messing up the kitchen. She shouts. Everyone rush there and laughs seeing Ayesha. Roshni stops Ayesha from scolding her. Sid says he will teach his kids to tease Nani Maa (DD). Everyone laugh.
Beeji asks Jigna to bring laddos. Simran tells Bua Dadi made all the arrangements. Beeji says it is strange as she never did anything. Bua Dadi come there and says she will bring Laddos. Beeji tells that she sent Jigna to bring. Bua Dadi gets irked and goes to bring Laddo. Jigna is about to eat it, but Bua Dadi stops her saying how can you eat Puja laddos. She puts almond on the laddo and says no one will know that it is Datura Laddo (poisonous for pregnant women), laughs. Sid gets romantic with Roshni, and says you are so glowing. He compliments her beauty and talks with his baby. He says baby is asking me to take a part of her glow. Roshni blushes. Sid tells that he will take paternity leave. Roshni says it is taken after baby’s birth. They get romantic. Mere Rubaru Plays……………….Sid kisses Roshni on her forehead. Sid is about Kiss Roshni, just then Bua Dadi calls him. Sid says he will come. He makes Roshni wear the mangasultra. Mere Rubaru plays……………..He leaves. DD is in her room and combing her room. She hears Bua Dadi calling everyone for Puja, and leaves. Ayesha comes to her room. DD comes back to her room and sees make up stuff. She hears everyone laughing and complimenting Ayesha. She asks what is going on? Ayesha turns and DD looks on angrily seeing Ayesha’s make up.
DD asks Ayesha, who allowed you to enter my room. She says did you know that you have ruined costly stuff in my room. She asks who will bring it. This is bad manners. Sid says she is a small girl. DD is irked with him for bringing Ayesha. Sid says she is looking so cute. DD says she is a nuisance and I can’t tolerate anymore. Roshni asks her to stop it and says it will have effect on her baby. She asks Ayesha not to be upset, else her make up will be spoiled. She says she will help her get ready. Sid offers money to DD. DD asks what is this nonsense? Sid says you are asking money from a little girl, as she has eaten your fruits and then used your make up. Now you are asking money from her? He asks her to keep the money. DD says she can’t tolerate the girl and asks the servant to clean her room. Sid thinks DD is superb, can fight with a little girl also. He smiles.
The neighbors compliment Roshni and tell that she is glowing. They see Ayesha and compliment her too. Some neighbor asks Ayesha not to sit in the puja as she is a stranger. DD agrees, but Sid convinces them to let Ayesha attend the puja. The Priest starts the puja. Bua Dadi thinks once the puja is completed, she will make DD eat Datura laddo to teach her a lesson. Priest continues to recite the mantras. While everyone sits with their eyes closed, Ayesha tries to take laddo, but stops hearing mobile ring. Sid goes to attend the call. Priest informs that the Puja is completed. Sid gets a call from the manager informing him about keeping the stuff in the green room.
The goon calls the mysterious guy who is behind Ayesha, and tells that he will kidnap the girl. Bua Dadi sees everyone eating the laddos, and thinks where that special laddo has gone. She checks with all the guests and sees Nani holding laddo’s tray. She gets the Datura laddo finally and looks for DD. She goes towards DD, but Ayesha comes and asks for laddo. Bua Dadi gives her one laddo. She tries to force feed her, but Sid makes Bua Dadi eat it. Everyone laugh. Bua Dadi gets shocked and behaves weirdly. Everyone asks her what happened? She runs in the house calling for help. She runs and falls in the swimming pool. Everyone is shocked and panics. They take her out of swimming pool. Doctor checks and informs that she had a food poisoning. He says her blood level had risen up. DD asks how can it be possible? The doctor tells that she has eaten something wrong and may be Datura. Everyone is shocked and wonders how can she eat Datura. Doctor prescribes some medicines. Nani says from where did Datura come in the house. Bua Dadi in an unconscious state, tells that she will make DD eat Datura laddos. Everyone is shocked. DD tells that it is so disgusting. This woman has tried to feed me Datura in my house, at least she would have thought about her age. She asks Sid, what happened? She asks if they are taking care of Roshni like this. You also brought an orphaned girl, and Roshni is taking care of her. She asks what would have happen if Roshni had that laddo.


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