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​Friday On Young Dreams 

Gunjan turns behind and finds no one there as soon as she looks in front Vihaan is standing in front he holds her hand and says he was looking for her. Pictures are being clicked. Gunjan asks him to leave her hand,Vihaan asks Gunjan to meet her near the drinks counter. Rohit thinks sorry vihaan. Pihu is with her husband on a gearless bike, she does not want to go with him as it will be insulting. She makes him park and enters. Pihu goes in and talks to Seema, sangeeta and Charu to advise her husband not to help in the preparations. Chaya is going to search for Gunjan and is about to bump into Shayl who is holding a glass of juice. Shayl offers the drink to Rachna who does not want to drink as her lipstick will get messed. She asks Shayl how is she looking and Shayl replies Savitri Devi didn’t chose her for her external beauty. It was also for her soul which is beautiful. Gunjan is near the drinks counter when someone taps her from behind. Dayal talk to Rajeev and tells him not to tell Savitri Devi that Rachna plays hockey Rajeev agrees.
Gunjan turns and its Rohit who is nervous and asks her to take care. Vihaan wants to rehearse again and calls her to the terrace. Vihaan tells her something is in her hair and her jewellery falls. Someone else not Rohit is busy clicking the pictures. Pihu takes credit for Rachna’s rishta. Savitri Devi sees Pihu, Seema, Sangeeta,Charu gossiping as they are not taking care of her. She tells the same to bua and Prabhu. Prabhu tells Seema to entertain and Seema tries to put Shayl down but her husband does not give her a chance. Gunjan comes to Rachna’s room and Rachna and Shayl want Gunjan to stay with her. Vihaan calls Gunjan and she lies its her friends. Gunjan says she needs to go as she wants Chaya’s dupatta. Rachna is surprised.
Mayank sees Gunjan’s earrings, he bends down but someone steps on his hand. He picks it up. Gunjan is waiting on the terrace and is shocked to see Mayank. He comes and asks Gunjan where her earring is. Gunjan is worried as its her mom’s earrings. Mayank hands it to her. He holds Gunjan’s hand and then leaves it. He asks her what she is doing here, but then tells he has no right to ask her and leaves.
Vihaan asks Rohit not to act smart and Rohit says he won’t as he does not want to lock horns with him. vihaan admires the pictures in the camera. Pihu comes and congratulates Rachna and wants her to be grateful lifelong as she is the one who got the match. Rohit prints the pictures but he calls Vihaan and tells him the printer is not working vihaan wants the camera. Rohit thinks he will try to convince Vihaan one last time and if he does not agree, he will give the pictures to Gunjan. Chaya comes to Rachna’s room and enquires about Gunjan. Rachna tells her about the dupatta, Chaya understands about the surprise and lies. Rachna says that she is friends with Chaya from 12 years and can read Chaya’s face.
Rachna asks for the truth about the matter going on and what Chaaya and Gunjan are hiding from her. Gunjan comes and changes the topic and tries to cool her down and also asks about the matter. Rachna says she doubts she is hiding something from her.
Seema tells Pihu that she has not done any work yet because of the fear of Shail. Pihu says that Shail don’t care for anyone rather than Gunjan. Shail brought KANGAN for Pihu and says that every mother is balanced for each child. No mother do partiality so Rachna, Gunjan and she all are equal for her. Holds her hand to give her KANGAN.
Rajeev and his father are talking. Right then his mother comes and makes irritating faces and asks Rachna’s family to start the ring ceremony, rather than wasting any time. They all agree on the decision.
In Rachna’s room, Rachna is shown to be embarrassed. Gunjan tries to cool her down by saying that Vihaan is a cool guy and she need not to fear about anything as Vihaan will handle everything. Chaaru and Mayank come to take Rachna for the ceremony. Rachna enters and everyone’s eye is on Rachna. Rajeev congratulates her. Rachna smiles and moves by saying thanks. Vihaan’s father asks about vihaan. Shail asks Dholu to call Gunjan. Dholu comes and says that he didn’t see Gunjan anywhere. Here Rajeev calls Vihaan continuously. Sangeeta doubts that its strange that both are missing together. Mayank comes by saying that both are found nowhere. Rachna cries and Shail says this is no matter of crying. Shail asks one of his friend. All search for them by every means.
Vihaan’s friend warns him and tells him about the society they are living in that he will not lost anything but if she did something wrong with the pics Gunjan and her family has to suffer a lot lifetime. Vihaan says why is he giving lectures and asks him to shut his mouth.Dayal asks Mayank to see what’s the matter. Seema and Sangeeta talks all shit, Shail stops them saying not a single wrong word. Rachna again worries that both are lost and their  light is also gone. Vihaan comes on the stage asking for attention. Vihaan tells everyone that he has a surprise for all showing the scenes before their marriage has fixed. Some girls including Gunjan and Chaaya shows the phase of how Rachna is on a song “badi mple hai Rachna”. Vihaan and Gunjan dance, Gunjan dances as Rachna and dances on song “Tu mera hero”. Rachna feels jealous for this. Gunjan dances on “phulon kaa taaron kaa sabka kehna hai” and takes Rachna on the stage.
Vihaan’s friend writes a letter on the name of Gunjan and asks her to remain attentive all the time as Vihaan is going to do something with the clicked pics which he has posted to Gunjan in an envelope. He tries to call Gunjan but due to being busy in function she didn’t pick the call.
Ring ceremony is going on, Gunjan and Chaaya comes dancing on a background song “itti si khushi itti si hassi”. Now it was a turn of Rajeev. Rajeev and Vihaan dance on a song “teri ankhiyo kaa raaz”. Rachna and Shail smile seeing both of them.
Vihaan’s friend calls Gunjan to tell about the conspiracy by Vihaan. Cell is picked by Sangeeta. She listens to all partially. He tells that he is going to put an envelope in Gunjan’s room. Gunjan comes in her room to change the dress.
Vihaan and Rachna dances on a song “tora saajan”. Here Gunjan after getting  ready sees the envelope but thinks to open it later and leave. Sangeeta runs and goes in her room. When the dance is over Pihu comes to announce a ring ceremony but Vihaan interrupts and says that one performance is left and Gunjan and Vihaan dances. All the family is shocked about Vihaan’s reaction. Sangeeta throws the letter and take all the photos to Seema. Pihu, Charu and both the witches look them.
Mintu and his friend are outside Rachna’s home and  sees the decoration and remembers  how he has been insulted in the past. His friend asks him to forget everything. The  whole family on stage dancing. Mayank and Gunjan see each other. When Gunjan hugs Rachna, she gets irritated and goes away. When Mintu asks about the reason for the  decoration, his friend tells him to ignore but when Mintu insists he tells that Rachna’s marriage has been fixed. Mintu gets up in anger and plans to spoil Rachna’s life. His friend firstly denies to help him but after Mintu insisted Mintu asks him about the next step which is to be taken by them. He confirms that they will kidnap Rachna.


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