Thursday On King of Hearts||Zee world

Simran tells Durgardevi that only a mother can understand about the safety measures to be taken in pregnancy. She says Kritika went to washroom and saw the pregnancy tablets. She further tell Durgardevi that she have kept it as a secret, and that Bua Daadi and Naani Maasi will not understand this. She think Durgardevi have agreed for the marriage because of this pregnancy. She says they are both very happy with the pregnancy news and hopes this will bring peace and happiness between them. Durgardevi says she hope so. Simran says they should go and have dinner. Durgardevi smiles, but is still tensed.

Siddharth and Roshni talk on phone and he says he can’t wait any longer for her. While talking to her, Roshni feels like vomiting and hang the phone on Siddharth. He thinks something is wrong and is determined to know the reason behind it. Simran talks to Bua Daadi. Bua Dadi says girl’s family should take care of us and badmouths about their hospitality and that Durgardevi wears costly saree’s even after her husband’s death, and gave them cheap saree’s as a gift. Siddharth speaks up and tells that Durgar mom wears classy saree’s and sent saree’s from a costly store, and the saree’s are very costly. He asks her to come with him for shopping. Bua Daadi says Siddharth has been misbehaving with her.

Siddharth apologizes to her. Simran asks her to forgive him and asks Kritika to give turmeric to apply on Siddharth. Siddharth calls Jigna ( Kesar sister’s in-law ) and asks her to talk to Durgardevi and Naani. Jigna hears Durgardevi saying Shiv is returning and says ghost……Siddharth says Jigna can’t do it and disconnects the call.
The haldi function is carried on at Roshni’s house. Roshni comes to sit in her haldi ceremony and Siddharth too joins the function with the help of his sister Kritika. Naani Maasi says a girl glows in pregnancy or in haldi. Naani says our Roshni is always glowing. Kritika compliments her. Naani Maasi says she will apply the haldi first. A veiled woman comes and stops her. Naani Maasi says who is this tribal woman, bloody middle class. Kritika apologizes and says she is an elderly woman from her village. The old woman asks who will apply haldi on Roshni first. She says she will apply the turmeric on Roshni’s face. The old woman starts coughing. Naani Maasi gets irked and says disgusting. Durgardevi asks to take her to bathroom. Jigna tries to spy, Kesar scolds her and asks her to do work. Naani asks to start with the rituals. Naani Masi applies haldi on Roshn’s face. Kritika asks her to clean her face and they will take selfie. She goes inside and the old woman then follows Roshni to her room and says surprise and the old woman turns out to be Siddharth.
Roshni says it is obvious. He says he has the right to apply haldi on her first and applies the haldi on her hand sensually……Roshni closes her eyes and feels his touch. Mere Rubaru Plays…………………Siddharth is about to kiss her, when Naani Maasi calls her. Roshni asks him to go. Siddharth says he will not and asks what is cooking between the ladies. He starts asking her whether everything is alright or is she hiding something from him. Roshni says nothing. Naani Maasi thinks Roshni is wasting time in her room and is going towards their room.
Durgardevi asks the servant to keep the shoes at a side and understands that the old woman is Siddharth by looking at his shoes. But before could say something, Durgardevi comes there and handles the situation. She asks Siddharth to think about the situation and reminds them of the insult because of Naani Maasi and Bua Daadi. At the same time, Roshni feels dizzy and faints. Durgardevi asks her to be careful. Siddharth calls her name. Durgardevi says it is not right to get unconscious in this condition. Siddharth asks what has happened to Roshni and wakes her up. Roshni gets up. Durgardevi asks Siddharth to go from there and not trouble her. He says he didn’t know that Roshni would faint with his joke. Durgardevi says he is also in immature mood and asks him to be serious. She says the old ladies are guests in the function and may create problems. She repeats if Roshni or her ba (baby)…..she then says if anything happens to her then she will not bear. Siddharth apologizes. Durgardevi asks him to go home and come as a groom in the night. He thinks they are hiding something from him.
After Siddharth leaves, Roshni tells her mother that Siddharth has to know being her baby’s father. Durgardevi says if they tell anything to him. That old ladies might know about it and create problem in the marriage and they have to keep silent till she gets married. Raj talks to someone and tells Simran that they have a low profile wedding for Siddharth and Roshni. He says the media will hype the marriage and the recent happenings. Simran says he is saying right. Bua Daadi says her nose will be cut if the media don’t come. Simran says they shall tell this to Durgardevi. Bua Daadi asks Simran not to inform Durgardevi as it is their decision. She says people should know about their prestige and that the media will come for sure.
Roshni gets ready as a bride and wears the ghunghat. Durgardevi helps her. Simran helps Siddharth as he gets ready for the marriage. Siddharth says he don’t believe that the day has come when they will be together. Roshni tells her mother that she will unite with Siddharth and have his baby inside and that she will tell him and he will be very happy. Roshni says that Siddharth loves her very much and no one could have ever loved her that much.
Siddharth comes to Durgardevi’s house with the baraat ( wedding procession ) to marry Roshni. Durgardevi does the required rituals by taking off the evil eye from him. Siddharth gets elated and smiles. Bua Daadi interferes and says that they didn’t follow this ritual. Naani Maasi says their Gujarati rituals have just started and asks Durgardevi to pull the nose of the groom. Siddharth says it would be fun and asks his mother in-law to come. He teases her and then stops so that Durgardevi can pulls his nose. The photographers clicks the photos. Durgardevi asks why did the Media came here? Naani Maasi says Punjabi’s are doing the drama. Simran says they couldn’t refuse when Bua Daadi called them. Naani says they too have one, signing at Naani Maasi. She asks Siddharth to step inside the marriage venue.
Roshni comes down with some ladies. Mere Rubara plays as Siddharth looks at her lovingly. Everyone smiles seeing them. She comes shyly and stands beside Siddharth. The pundit asks them to do garland (varmala) ritual. Raj lifts Siddharth and Roshni tries hard to make him wear the garland. Naani asks Kesar to lift Roshni. Durgardevi gets tensed. Roshni makes him wear the garland. Durgardevi asks Kesar to get her down and both Siddharth and Roshni are seated for their wedding to begin. Soon, Roshni starts feeling uneasy. Beeji tells Naani, if she is thinking same what she is thinking? Naani says the same. They (Durgardevi, Kritika, Simran, Beeji and Naani) go to a room and craft a plan to help Roshni get comfortable with the wedding. Beeji says a pregnant lady can’t take the pheras. Naani says how can they forget that. Beeji says they have to get Gandharva vivaah. Naani says what will they say to Beeji sister and her sister. Kritika says she has an idea.
She goes down and asks the priest to lower the fire and asks him to perform some other way for the wedding to happen. Naani suggests Gandharva Vivah ( a wedding without fire as Roshni is not well. Hearing this, the guests of both the family get suspicious. Bua Daadi asks if Beeji have gone mad? Naani Maasi asks Naani that she is saying nonsense? Jigna says Gandharva Vivah is done when the lady is pregnant. Naani Maasi asks if Roshni is pregnant? Siddharth looks at Roshni. Naani Maasi question Roshni as to whether she is pregnant and asks her to tell the truth. Bua Daadi pops her eyes out in shock.
Roshni replies yes with much difficulty. Siddharth smiles and gets extremely happy on hearing the news. He asks if this is truth? He further asks if he is going to be a Dad. Roshni smiles. Siddharth hugs her. Amidst this happiness, Bua Daadi create a bad scene which questions the characteristics of Roshni’s values and that she is sitting here after blackening her face. Naani Maasi also questions the characteristics of Siddharth values and that he couldn’t control his hormones. Beeji asks Naani, what is hormones? Naani says she will explain later. Raj says it is good news that their bahu ( daughter in-law ) is pregnant. Bua Daadi says she will think if Roshni can be bahu ( daughter in-law ) of her house. Naani Maasi also argues. Roshni gets up and tries to go but Siddharth stops her and says it is enough.
Siddharth says she is hearing her nonsense since many days, Roshni is going to be his wife and the baby inside her is his baby. He says further that his family is going to be complete and it is a big day for him and he will not let anybody spoil it. When they don’t have any problem and they are not shameful about it, what is her problem? He is proud of his wife and will always be. He says this is his child who is in her womb and their marriage is happening for the second time. We love always. He accepts Roshni as his wife in every births. Everyone is elated and applause for them. Roshni hugs him and gets emotional.
Simran gets furious with her aunt  ( Bua Daadi ) and asks her to be calm. She further says that she had a fight with Durgardevi and was very egoistic before. She promise to keep the family united. She then puts off the fire and asks the priest to conduct a Gandharv Vivaha wedding for them. Everyone claps for her. Naani asks Naani Maasi to stay silent and they look forward for the baby. Beeji says that new guest will be coming in their home, and if anyone has objection can leave. Siddharth and Roshni exchange garlands and looks at each other happily. He fills her maang with sindoor. Durgardevi looks on happily. Siddharth makes her wear mangalsutra. Naani gets emotional. The wedding finishes and pundit declares that the marriage is complete, he declared Roshni and Siddharth as husband and wife and asks them to take their elders blessings.



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