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Sid asks what happened now mother? DD says that whatever they have beared is because of him and refuses to accept the alliance. She tells whenever you come to my house, something bad happens. She says if Misha wasn’t your best friend, then Shiv might be with us. Sid says whatever happened was wrong, but we have to move on. He says even Shiv wanted the same. DD says I want to make you realize that Shiv is gone and it is all because of you. This is bitter truth of our life. This marriage can’t happen and this is my decision. Everyone looks on shockingly. DD goes inside.
Kritika says this is wrong, DD can’t see the goodness. She says we will take Roshni if they don’t give with respect. Simran asks what are you saying? Nani says Kritika is saying right. DD is making issue unnecessarily. She says I want the kids to be together, they have suffered much. Sid says whenever we come closer, it was against mother-in-law and my mom’s wish. He says he needs mother-in-law ’s blessings. Roshni says she don’t worry about anything and will obey Sid. She goes to talk to DD. Sid thinks he needs mother-in-law’s blessings at any cost.
DD tells Roshni that she will not agree and knows Sid and his family well. Roshni tries to reason with her. DD says since Sid came in our life, we have lost many things. They kicked us out of our house, divorced you, and snatched your father. She asks her not to talk about this alliance. Roshni says Sid always did wrong, and says whenever I look in the past, I see the thorns on which I have been walking, I also see the flowers that has blossomed because of Sid. She says he cleared our misunderstanding and brought Papa in your life. DD says you can’t sell Sid’s goodness and this is my decision. She comes out and asks them to leave.
Sid asks till when this will happen? He says he will come on horse, take Roshni from here and will spend rest of his life with her. He says you used to forget that I am your strong son, and you will never be able to separate us. DD shouts it is not possible and takes out the gun. Everyone is shocked. Sid asks her to get the gun down. DD keeps gun on her head asking them to leave else she will kill herself. She says she has just Roshni and can’t lose her. Sid asks her not to do this. DD says go ahead if you want to marry, but after my death. I cannot handle this anymore and threatens to shoot herself if they don’t leave. Nani asks DD not to do this. Raj intervenes and tells her that Roshni and Sid are made for each other. He says you can’t separate them by showing the gun or getting them scared. He asks Sid to come with him. They leave. Roshni asks DD to put the gun down as they have gone. DD keeps the gun down.
Beeji tells her family that DD will never get Roshni to marry Sid because of her hatred. Yash says her point of view is right. Sam taunts him. Yash asks her to grow up. Roshni tries to convince DD and says she can’t stay without Sid. DD asks her to go and says just think your mum is dead for you. Roshni collapses and falls down. DD calls Kesar. Sid gets shocked as the photo frame falls down. Beeji asks him to be positive. Doctor checks Roshni and says she needs rest at the most. He says he gave her medicine and there is nothing to worry. Everyone goes outside the room. Doctor stops DD and says he needs to give her news. He says I knew that Roshni is a divorcee and is not with Siddharth Khurana. DD asks what happened? Doctor says Roshni is pregnant. DD gets shocked and angry.
Roshni tells DD that she is feeling connected to her child and says she wants to deliver this baby. She says you can separate me from Sid, but you can’t separate a baby with his father. She says she will deliver the baby anyhow. DD asks do you think I will get this child aborted. This is my grand child and says it is important to me as well. Roshni says I need to marry Sid for giving this child, his fatherly love. DD says you will marry Sid and gives approval. She says your child will get his father’s love. Roshni gets happy and thanks her. She says she will inform Sid. DD stops her as she is a divorcee. She says she will try to figure out the solution for this. Roshni says she will not tell Sid now. She talks to her baby and says Papa will be happy knowing about you once we get married.
Sid informs Raj that he is going to meet mother-in-law. DD, Mona and Nani come there with Shagun plates in her hands. DD informs that they agree for the alliance and says Sid will become son-in-law of the house. Beeji gets happy and hugs Nani. She says she was sure that DD will come. Simran thanks DD. Nani says it is not needed. Raj says everyone is happy here because of your decision. Nani goes to Sid and asks if he is happy now. Sid smiles. Mona does Sid’s aarti and prays for their togetherness. Nani also does the aarti. Sid takes everyone’s blessings. Sid tries to touch DD’s feet. DD says it is okay. She says Priest took out early mahurat after 4 days. Beeji says how we will make the arrangements. DD says why shall we wait when it is going to happen. Sid asks Nani, how did DD agree for the marriage. Nani tells him that Roshni got ill, so DD agreed. DD asks Nani to come.
Sam tells Roshni that she has put on weight and how will she lose weight in 4 days. Roshni says she will also put on weight in some days. DD looks on. She says this is the right auspicious time. Simran tells that she will call all the alliance. Sid asks if Bua Dadi will also come. Beeji says yes. Sid is tensed. Roshni asks Nani if her sister will come. Nani says yes. Roshni gets tensed. Kritika asks who is she? Sid says you will come to know when she comes. Sid asks Kritika to come for shopping with him. Beeji asks him not to go to Roshni’s house before marriage.
Sid brings cold coffee for Roshni at 12 am. Roshni drinks it and says she loves it. Sid laughs and says he will see her lost moments in their kids. He holds her tummy. Roshni gets happy and feels him touching baby. Mere Rubaru plays………Door bell rings. Mona opens the door and is shocked to see Nani Maasi. She enters the house and starts throwing tantrums. She scolds nani and calls her middle class. Sid tells Roshni that Nani Maasi is an aurangzeb. Nani Maasi says you have fixed Roshni’s marriage with same middle class man with whom Roshni married before and then got divorced. Nani says that boy was never poor and is rich. Sid tells that DD spoiled his image. Nani Maasi says she will meet Roshni and goes to her room. Roshni asks Sid to hide, else he will be her to be husband only. Sid hides. Nani Maasi says that they will do all the rituals this time, so that marriage don’t break. Nani sees Sid hiding there and smiles. Sid also smiles. They leave. Sid tells Roshni about his badi dadi.
Raj getting happy seeing Bua Dadi coming home. Bua Dadi asks if everyone is going somewhere and hugs Beeji. Simran asks Sid to take her blessings. Bua Dadi blesses him and asks why he is marrying same girl again. Krutika tries to touch her feet, Bua Dadi asks who is she? Beeji says she is our daughter, Simran’s daughter and Sid’s sister. Bua Dadi says she is from Simran’s first marriage. Everyone is shocked. Raj says she is my daughter and Sid’s sister. Sid says Kritika is elder daughter of this house and this is the big truth. Kritika gets sad. Simran tries to cheer her up. Sid asks her not to get sad and says you are elder daughter of this house. This is the big truth. If you keeps looking sadly then I will cancel my marriage. Kritika hugs him. Raj tells that he used to pray for the family’s happiness and the day have come. He says we will celebrate all 4 days.


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