Wednesday On Young Dreams||Zee World 

Rachna and Vihaan dance. Later Gunjan helps reunite Sahiba and Daljeet. Gunjan comes in hall and Rachna is there worried. Bua comes and give Rachna CD and Rachna realizes it is Dolu’s CD. Bua tells her keep it safe while Rachna gives Dolu his CD. Rachna and Dolu make a plan for Mayank to meet and they succeed. Rachna and Dolu leave them two outside to talk. Meanwhile Charu is looking for him. The three witches see Rachna and Dolu come inside and gets suspicious. Meanwhile, Mayank talks and Gunjan cries. Gunjan tells him he has everything in his life but she doesn’t. Seema and Sangeeta come and sees Mayank. Seema blasts Gunjan saying she isn’t ashamed and that she should not ruin her son life. Gunjan watches on as Mayank stood there and said nothing. Gunjan says she is not doing anything and she says ask Mayank. Mayank says he is very happy with the wedding. Gunjan is shocked and starts to cry, while he adds that his mom is right and he chases her away by saying *please go* Seema and Sangeeta are happy and drag Mayank inside. Gunjan goes in and watches Mayank and Charu’s ritauls go on and recalls her memories with Mayank. After this Gunjan goes back home while the ceremony continues.
Rachna with Ranveer and then Vihaan comes. Savitri comes and she says its late and they should leave. Rachna seeks her blessings while they leave. Gungan is in tears when Sahiba says Gunjan will have to do the same as Sahiba. Sahiba tells Gunjan she is married to Ranveer and love Daljeet.
Mayank and Gunjan goes in flashback and thinks about their past and about the moments they spent together. They both suddenly feels pain, feels some kind of attraction so Mayank goes on terrace and here Gunjan runs from her room and rush to the terrace. They are shown to feel the love in each other’s eyes. But then Gunjan reminds his roka with Charu and his dialogue that he is very much happy with his marriage with Charu so she goes back and Mayank tries to stop her.
It’s a day of Mehendi. Seema asks Mayank about his presence on terrace but doesn’t takes it serious. Mayank thinks that Gunjan has love in her eyes rather than  revenge. He then writes a letter to Gunjan that she can’t marry Charu and also added that they should clear all the misunderstandings and confusion in their relation and asks her to have a meet on terrace before mehandi.
Here Dholu is shown with a girl, the girl blushes and gives him a rose and the background music is “Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam….” . Mayank gives that letter to Dholu and asks him to pass that to Gunjan. Vihaan and Ranbir enters in the hall and Rachna blushes. Vihaan asks for work, they both start decoration work meanwhile Vihaan puts some flowers on Rachna’s hair, Rachna blushes and moves away.
Shail sees Vihaan doing work for the marriage. Shail and Dayal praise him saying that they are lucky to have a son in law like him and Dayal praises that he is double lucky that he has got a son in law like Vihaan and a wife like Shail. Dholu gives that letter to Gunjan. The letter flies away, she tries to catch it but Shail interrupts her and the letter is never seen again by Gunjan. Vihaan gets that letter and gives it to buaji and she throws it away thinking its a waste paper. Sangeets gets that paper, reads everything and burns that letter in the kitchen and smiles a devilish smile. Sahiba sees that paper in the kitchen and smells something fishy.
Mayank waits for Gunjan on the terrace but Charu appears. He asks Dholu about the letter and Dholu confirms it. Mayank again got up distracted.
Charu dances and she had a clash with Dayal. Charu’s mom scolds her because of her foolish mistake and asks her to act like a bridle not like a fool.
Gunjan enters in Saahiba’s room and Saahiba tells her that Mayank loves her only and suggest her to meet Mayank once, Gunjan also feels that Mayank loves her so she goes to meet him.They both meet, smile, run and hug each other(Dream of Gunjan).They both come closer, Gunjan comes with lots of expectations but Mayank passes from her side, her expectations gets ruined.

Gunjan and Sahiba sit and talk about Mayank that he has forgotten her completely. Charu takes Sahiba with her and puts mehandi on her hand.
Dholu asks for the CD from Pihu, he gets the CD. In the hall, girls put mehandi on Charu’s hand. Shail, Gunjan and Rachna seems unhappy. Vihaan enters and tries to say something to Rachna but Sangeeta takes him away for dance. Vihaan calls Rachna to meet her, from a window but Rachna puts a veil on the window.
Chaaru feels itching on her hand, and says that someone is not happy with her luck and happiness, she blames Gunjan for that, Gunjan denies that she has not done anything and says if she wants she will not attend her marriage functions. Charu says that she can’t see both of them happy so she don’t have guts to attend marriage so Gunjan says that if she is especially invited, she will come surely and will forget everything about her past and Mayank.
Gunjan tells Shail to believe her that she did not even touch the mehendi and that why would she sabotage the mehendi. Mayank says everyone knows why and tells her not to act innocent. He says there’s no surprise in what she did today because its become a habit that she always ruins something. Gunjan tells Mayank to stop and that he’s just saying whatever comes to his mind. Mayank says she did it on purpose and Gunjan says does anyone in this house believe her. Prabhu supports her. Charu continues lamenting and Seema tells Gunjan to just admit she did it and Shail tells her to stop it. Shail says she believes Gunjan would never do anything so degrading. Shail says the family’s happiness is Gunjan’s happiness. Shail says to ask the person who brought the mehendi what went wrong and says maybe Charu is allergic to the mehendi. Pihu says she’s stretching the matter and Shail says she knows how everyone in the house is good at stretching a matter. Shail says the person conspiring it should stop if not the consequences will be bad. Charu’s mother says that Charu’s skin is sensitive and apologizes to Gunjan on Charu’s behalf. 

Gunjan leaves. Gunjan is in her room and cries thinking of what Charu and Mayank said. Gunjan says she hates herself for loving a person like Mayank. She takes a vase and throws it at the mirror. She says its good the dream shattered and she realizes that she’s not with Mayank anymore and its good because Mayank is not worth loving. 

Mayank is doing push ups thinking of the good times with Gunjan and Gunjan is throwing and tearing away all the memories of Mayank.
Mayank’s haldi ceremony is going on. Gunjan awakens with the noise outside and pulls the covers over her. Shail puts haldi on Mayank and is sad. Seema tells Shail to come and dance and also wants to put some haldi on her but Shail stops her and says she has work. Vihaan takes some haldi and goes to put it on Rachana. Rachana hides in her room from Vihaan and Gunjan is standing sadly in the room when Vihaan comes in looking for Rachana and sees Gunjan and he applies the haldi on her from behind. Rachana is shocked and asked him what has he done and Vihaan apologizes and says he doesn’t know how it happened. Rachana apologizes to Gunjan and she says its alright. Gunjan tells him this time he shouldn’t miss his aim and holds Rachana close. Vihaan puts haldi on Rachana and Gunjan and Rachana put on Vihaan as well. Pihu sees Gunjan and asks her to help her with some work and gives her a basket of flowers. They enter Mayank’s room and Gunjan starts tearing up. Pihu asks Gunjan what is he standing and thinking and they have to decorate Mayank and Charu’s bed. Gunjan is shocked hearing this and puts the baskets of flowers down and tells Pihu if she wasn’t Shail’s daughter she would have told her off. She warns Pihu not to ever try and do this to her. Gunjan leaves and sees Mayank covered with haldi and walks away.
Shail asks Gunjan if she following them. Shail says she can understand if she doesn’t want but Gunjan says she’ll follow and there’s nothing difficult when she’s accepted she and Mayank are not together. Shail tells her to get ready and come down. Rachana tells Gunjan that Vihaan kissed her and Gunjan asks her where and she says her hand. Gunjan smiles and hugs her. Mayank is in his room seeing his bed being decorated and Charu calls him to tell him to have money ready to give her friends as they have something planned. Gopal comes and tells Mayank to get ready. Mayank is being prepared by everyone and Gunjan is standing looking sad and so is Mayank.

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