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Kritika and Roshni are talking about Siddharth. Kritika assures to support her. Roshni thanks her. Dr. Arora calls Durga Devi and asks her to meet him urgently at coffee house. Beeji and Kritika hug each other and plan a surprise for Roshni and Siddharth. Misha gets ready and sings Sajna Hai Mujhe………..She looks at vermillion’s bottle and thinks her long dream will be fulfilled soon. She tells that she will get ready daily for Siddharth and will wake him up by shaking her wet hairs on him. She says my Siddharth and calls herself as Mrs. Siddharth Khurana. She thinks everyone came from temple and goes to open the door. Beeji and Kritika come there and tie her on to the chairs. A tantrik comes there, Misha gets shocked seeing him and asks what is this nonsense. A tantrik baba tells that Misha’s brain is affected by a ghost and he will take out the ghost. Misha threatens to kill him. Tantrik baba beats her with peacock feathers. Misha tells that she is perfectly fine and starts acting seeing Siddharth and family coming. Siddharth scolds tantrik and asks him to get out. Beeji and Kritika looks on. Misha hugs Siddharth. Siddharth scolds Kritika. Kritika says she was just trying to help Misha. Misha says that everyone is really bad and no one cares for me. She insists to marry him today itself. Everyone gets shocked hearing her.
Durga Devi meets Arora. He tells that Misha Grewal is her name and she is schizophrenic. He tells about her parents trying to get her treated. Durga Devi gets shocked and tells about Misha getting molested. She opines that Misha is faking to be ill, all the while. She comes home and shares this with Nani. She says that they have to stop the marriage as Misha is feigning the madness after molestation.
Siddharth closes himself in the room. Roshni asks him to open the door for once and asks him not to let her stay outside. Siddharth opens the door. They look at each other emotionally. Tu Hi Tu plays……………..Siddharth tells Roshni to look at him and says your one decision have brought me here. Roshni holds him and says I won’t let you go far from me, but whatever happening is right. One thing will remain the same, my love for you. Mere Rubara Tu Hi Tu plays……..She picks his turban and makes him wear it while the song Manzilein………. Plays. They hug each other.
Dr. Arora shows the reports to Durga Devi and says we have to take the print out. Siddharth and Roshni come to the hall. Durga Devi sees the report and says Misha is obsessed with Siddharth. She is getting what she wants and she is faking the memory loss. She asks the driver to rush to Khurana house.
Siddharth and Roshni are going to the mandip. Both of them look at each other, very upset. Misha came to the mandip and happily said that finally they are going to marry.
Meanwhile, Durga Devi who is stuck in the car since the car broke down decided to run to the Khurana house since the car will take time to get fixed. While she is running, it is seen that it is time for Misha to get married to Siddharth so the knot has to be tied. Misha ask Roshni to tie the knot for her. Everyone looked on sadly. Durga Devi thinks about what she can do to stop the marriage between Misha and Siddharth as she gets exhausted from the running.
Roshni then placed the cloth on Siddharth and the sad song plays in the background. Tears are welling in Sid’s eyes. Roshni and Siddharth are both upset. Both with tears welling up in their eyes. Siddharth recalls back about his conversation where Roshni said that her love will always remain the same. The priest tells both Siddharth and Misha to get up for the rounds. Misha and Siddharth gets up to take the rounds with Siddharth leading Misha. Siddharth leads and walks the rounds. Roshni looks on sadly. First round is completed. Roshni started to shower the couple with flowers, so are the other guests. Second round is completed…. Suddenly,

Durga Devi arrives and shouts “Stop it!”. She shouts that everything is wrong. She snatches the cloth around Siddharth’s neck that is tied to Misha and throws it into the fire. Misha reacted without thoughts and shouts at Durga Devi, “What the hell? I could have caught fire! What will happen then?”, Durga Devi was shocked and looked at her. Siddharth and everyone else is also shocked.

Siddharth said “MIsha?” Misha turns around thinking as if she has been caught. She decided to stop her mental drama and asked “What is going on? Am i marrying you, Siddharth? What the hell is going on? What is wrong with you all?” Siddharth thinks that she is cured and asks her, “You recalled everything?” Siddharth smiles and as he looks at Misha, she pretends to faint. Doctor come and check up on her. Doctor says that he gave her medicine to calm her down and said that her condition has improved and that her memory has returned. Everyone said “Thankfully, Everything is slowly getting better”. Everyone thinks that it is the gift of God. Durga Devi is suspicious and asks the Doctor, “Tell me something. I am curious. How did she suddenly remember everything? Isn’t it odd? Does it happen normally?” The doctor replies that he has already informed them that there are two situations whereby the patient can be in a life dangerous situation or they can get better. Thank god that her memory returned.
Roshni turns and looks at Durga Devi, ” Mom, everything happened thanks to you. I know you are angry with me”. Durga Devi says it’s okay. Durga Devi sees that Misha opened her eyes and peeked at the family speaking to each other. Siddharth says “Thank you mother-in-law. Whatever you did, I don’t know Roshni and I can pay you back for it. Before a big mistake happened, you managed to stop it.” Simran says that it is really a big deal because both Roshni’s and Siddharth’s lives are saved by the incident. Durga Devi looks at Misha suspiciously and see that Misha is signalling to the doctor to go and the doctor then takes his leave. Durga Devi quickly goes out to follow the doctor despite Siddharth’s family’s urge for her to stay and talk.
Siddharth’s family is upset by her sudden leave and Raj says that it is okay because after all that happened, Durga Devi needs time. Simran says that it is okay but she thought that maybe their enmities may have ended after this incident. Roshni hugs Simran. 

Siddharth said to Roshni “Doa qubool hai tumhare”. They hugged and Misha looks on angrily. Everyone laughs looking at Siddharth and Roshni. Misha thinks that Durga Devi have ruined her plan. Surely Durga Devi knows something such that she got angry at Misha instead of focusing on Kritika so Misha wants to find out what information does Durga Devi have such that she is against her now.
Durga Devi is at a hospital. She is in an office and she’s sneekily looking through files in someone’s office. A nurse comes in and asks her “What are you doing? And without permission, how could you enter the doctor’s room?” Durga Devi asks ” Where is the doctor?” The nurse replies that the doctor has quit his job recently from the hospital. Durga Devi is shocked and asks “How’s that possible? Are you sure? How could he resign? Do you know what you are saying? The nurse replies that she doesn’t care about all that and tells Durga Devi to leave the room. Durga Devi slowly leaves the room and is thinking about the doctor. 
Misha is on the phone and she says that “I don’t know how you are going to do it but I don’t want the woman who stood in my way. Do you listen?” Misha hears sounds in the background of people reaching her room. She quickly ends the call and turns to see Roshni with the rest. Misha pretends to be sick and Roshni asks how’s her health. Misha replies that she’s much better and asks what happened within the past few days and what happened. Roshni tells her not to worry and says the most important thing is that she is back and healthy. Misha pretends to act guilty and starts to pretend to be embarrassed by the whole situation. Siddharth and Roshni looks at Misha. Siddharth comes in the room and said that Misha has troubled people alot but he joked that imagines if he had married Misha, he would have gone mad, Misha apologises to Siddharth and Roshni tells her to look forward and smile. Misha pretends as if she is upset by Neil’s absence and decides to go to London since she has hurt the two people who are very important to her. Simran tells her that she can’t, they will find a suitable groom for her and she must prepare for her friends’ wedding. Simran says that Roshni is blushing, Siddharth and Roshni then hug. Simran says that with this few days Misha will get better. She also says that Siddharth should watch since his own friend, Misha, will prepare the entire wedding herself. Simran asks Misha, “Is that right Misha?”, Misha repliesYes Aunty, of course.

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