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Update : Tuesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 251-252)

Tuesday On King Of Hearts 

Siddharth and Roshni look at each other emotionally. Misha enters the room and looks on. Roshni says they shall go to court. Misha says no one will go and takes his door keys. Siddharth asks her to give keys. Misha asks for a kiss in exchange of keys. Siddharth says he will talk to Dad and get the keys. Misha says no one is at home. Roshni says she will not agree. Misha asks him to kiss her as she is his fiancee. Siddharth agrees and kisses on her cheek. Roshni closes her eyes in pain. Siddharth asks for keys. Misha says she wants kiss on her lips. Siddharth says it is enough and asks him to give the damn keys. Misha asks him to give kiss to open the door. Siddharth looks on and comes to Misha. Roshni closes her eyes. Siddharth is about to kiss her, but stops. He says he has to get his sister out of jail and don’t have time

for this stupid thing. He asks for keys. Misha writes on paper and asks him to sign to get the keys. Siddharth is shocked to read it and asks what is this nonsense. I won’t sign on it. Misha refuses to give the keys. Roshni reads the paper and asks him to sign on it. Misha smirks and sees him signing. He asks her to give the keys as he has signed on the papers. Misha gives the keys. Siddharth thanks her and leaves with Roshni. Misha thinks you have made stronger our relation by signing on this paper. We are made for each other.

The judge tells that it is proved that Kritika Khurana is the murderer and that’s why court has decided to……….Just then Siddharth enters and says they have concrete proofs to prove that Kritika is innocent. Durga Devi asks how can he challenge court? The judge asks her to sit down and asks Siddharth to show the proofs. The Inspector tells that Kritika’s ears are very sensitive and can’t wear heavy earrings. He also tells that he has the CCTV footage showing Kritika in the temple at the time of murder. The Judge declares Kritika innocent and frees her from the charges. Durga Devi looks on angrily. Simran tells Siddharth that you have saved your sister and did a wonder. Durga Devi and Kesar looks on. The door bell rings and Misha welcomes the guests. Kaka thinks to inform Siddharth, and tries calling him, but Misha asks him to make snacks and locks him. She asks the guests/people to start their work and smirks.

Kritika apologizes to Roshni, Siddharth and Simran. Beeji hugs her and says her family is completed now. Durga Devi congratulates them and says your family is good. She asks Nani to be happy as her favorite son-in-law is standing. She says Siddharth gave bribe and got fake proofs. She tells your grand daughter is with Siddharth, don’t know tears she shed for her Papa’s death. She says Roshni is with Shiv’s murderer and says Shiv must be very happy.

Roshni says you are thinking Kritika wrong, and she is innocent. Durga Devi says she is fed up of hearing Siddharth is right and has proofs. Siddharth says Roshni has supported truth always and today also she is supporting truth, but you find it difficult to identify truth. Durga Devi says you make her a fool and she becomes a fool. You might have never seen me like your enemy. Durga Devi says our new relation will start from today of hatred and enmity. Siddharth and Roshni look on shockingly.

Durga Devi initializes enmity between Siddharth and her and asks Nani to come with her. Sid and his family come home, and see band playing. Raj asks Simran if she called the band. Simran says no. He says let’s go inside and see. They come inside and see the decorations. Misha shows the Siddharth weds Misha board. Siddharth gets shocked. Misha tells that their marriage is after 3 days and they will become husband and wife. She reminds him of the signatures which he signed on the paper and shows it. Siddharth shows the paper to Roshni and says that’s why he didn’t want to sign on the paper. He asks if she is happy? Roshni looks on shockingly. Simran asks what is all this? While Misha enjoys the band, Siddharth shouts asking them to stop it. He says no marriage is happening here. Misha asks Siddharth, will you marry

me? Siddharth says he had gone mad to sign on those papers without thinking anything. He makes it clear that he is not going to marry her. He tells Roshni that he will never marry Misha and makes an announcement. Misha is shocked and acts as getting unconscious.

Durga Devi tells the lawyer that she can’t see her husband’s killer freely roaming. The lawyer says he can’t do anything. Someone comes and says everything should happen as Durga says. Durga Devi identifies him as Arora and hugs him.

Doctor comes and checks Misha. He tells everyone that Misha’s condition deteriorated because of them. She tells that she will do her work. Doctor acts as giving him electric shock. Everyone feel her pain. Roshni couldn’t see Misha in pain and promises her that Siddharth will marry her. Siddharth looks on disgusted. Doctor says Misha is calm as you said that. Siddharth tells Roshni that he will not marry Misha and will spend his rest of life with her(Roshni). Siddharth asks why are you getting selfish. Siddharth says whatever I did is for others till now. If I don’t want to marry the person I am not in love with, then I am selfish. He says he is selfish and don’t want to sacrifice. He says he is getting Misha’s treatment by a good doctor and can’t sacrifice his whole life. He says I love you Roshni and gets closer to her. Siddharth tells her that there is no existence of his without her. Ishq Sachcha Wahi Jisko Milti Nahi Manzilein……..plays…….. Roshni turns her face. Siddharth holds her closer and says I have right on your soul and you have right on mine. Hamari Adhuri song plays………Roshni closes her eyes and hugs him. They get emotional. Roshni leaves from there.

Durga Devi meets her friend and says you have become a big doctor in Singapore. He shows his family picture. Durga Devi shows her family pictures. Arora tells that he feels that he has seen Misha somewhere. Durga Devi looks on. Roshni comes to Siddharth’s room and hugs his shirt while the song ……………..Mere Rubaro Tu Hi plays……She cries.


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