5 Nigerian Artists Who Should Quit Music  And Get  Day Jobs 

If others won’t say it, we will. We are tired of wack artistes being embraced as the real deal. Some acts who parade themselves as the next best thing are really people with no talent who are hell bent on being famous and blocking the way for talented people in an already over-saturated industry.

These artistes can have meaningful day jobs. Not everyone can be a singer, rapper or entertainer. These guys we have listed below need to do us a favour and drop the mic and leave music to the folks who have talent.

1) Flowssickk:
Don’t let the pretty boy looks fool you; Flowssickk knows much about music like our first lady knows about the English language. His debut single “Lowkey” was based off a Wizkid line and didn’t pop until the Clarence Peters video came out. His follow-up single “Ringtone” is languishing in nowhere-ville. Flowssickk doesn’t really offer much musically. When his wack bars couldn’t cut it he switched to pop music. With lines such as “she dey use MTN but I give her the Glo” Flowssickk should quit the music scene go back to school and come out with a degree, hopefully.

2) Tunde Ednut:
When this dude came on the scene, he “claimed” to be a comedian who had won several awards in the UK. The funny thing is that Mr. Tunde hasn’t pursued his stand-up comedy trade in Nigeria which has a more lucrative industry. The young man has decided to pursue a career in music. Well the good news is that his songs will crack your ribs. They are funny (and wack) as hell! Clearly we can all see Tunde Ednut is a struggle artiste but yet he remains hell bent on making Nigerians suffer. Don’t be fooled by “Catching Cold” remix, Tunde Ednut cannot crack a joke and crack the music charts. My guy you need a day job, we heard Dangote is hiring with good pay too.

3) Sina Rambo:
OMG! Sina Rambo is the epitome of wackness in rap music. Kids in kindergarten classes have better rhymes. His delivery is poor and wordplay is non-existent. This guy shouldn’t be labeled as a rapper. His level of wackness is yet to be qualified. The only reason why this guy has a record deal is because he is related to the minimally talented Davido. I fear for the worst in that family. Sina go back to school, get a degree and run of the companies in your rich family’s portfolio.

4) B-Red:
It’s hard to believe that two brothers can be on the same level of wackness. It happens every 9,000 years. B-Red and Sina Rambo are the one in every 9,000 years. No need to write much on B-Red. The same applies to him to. He is as wack as his brother.

5) Dencia:
We ain’t even going to front, Dencia is eye candy. The only problem is that her songs make you want to cut your ears. No female artiste blatantly uses sex appeal to further her career like Dencia. There is nothing wrong in this if her songs are good. They are not! Career advice Dencia, the video vixen industry is popping in Nigeria, we feel your talents are required there. Singing is not in your foreseeable future or in any future for that matter. Please leave the mic alone


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