Paragon, after releasing her debut single “Bola” was called on interview by ng which she spoke about the success of her single BOLA

Ng: what’s your full name?

Paragon: okonkwo Patience



Ng:ok, can you tell us what inspired  your track “BOLA“?

Paragon:well, what actually  inspired me on  that song was nothing  but the happenings  around we human, especially  when it comes to girl and boy relationship.

Ng:were you the one that wrote the song?

Paragon: All my  songs are written by me so as BOLA

Ng:what led to the success of the song?

Paragon: After writing the song, I related the ideal to my producer (kellygzy)  and after that, we proceded  with the recording  of the  song,  when the song was done by kellygzy, I then decided  to take it to zimbocrix a well known sound engineer  for final mixing.

Ng:Apart from your producer and mixer no one else helped you?

Paragon:why not, many other people helped me on tweeter, facebook, instagram  etc they posted it’s artwork. And also websites like.rehabmusichitlabmusiccutenaija,nglodgeznaijadjybnl,gbagamxclusive,sevaxclusive.gistcard,amebosworld e.t.c also contributed.

Ng:wow, what do you have to say to your  fans? 

Paragon : to all my fans,  I thank you all,  is your support  that took me  this far. I promise to always  be releasing  dope songs. I will never fail you all. 

Ng:It was very good to have an intetraction  with you today.all the no crew are really happy. Fans watch out for  Paragon the next star.