Shekue Abubakar sends warning to Donald Trump”the war has just begun”

Shekue Abubakar the depraved leader of the dangerous and notorouse gang named  “Bokoharam  has reacted to the emergence of Donald  Trump as the new president of USA .”The war has   just begun “against the west

According to AFP in a radio massage posted on YouTube on sunday,shekue said:

“Don’t be overwhelmed by people like Donald Trump and the global coalition fighting our brethren in Iraq,Syria, Afghanistan and everywhere”

“We remain stand fast on our faith and we will not stop” To us the war has just begun”

The ferocious Islamic death cult, which is waging seven years war against Nigeria states seeks to establish a herdline caliphate

The IS high commander said in August that Shekue as leader was replaced by Abu Musab al_barnawi, the 22years old son of the founder of Boko Haram MUHAMMED YUSUF

however,shekue claims  that he is still in charge as rival fraction via for control.


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